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We've built this website to bring you all the new backgrounds and high definition wallpapers of 2013. We're constantly updating this website with more wallpapers and HD images making sure your computer desktop is always looking its best. You can browse the wallpapers by category via the sidebar or see the latest wallpapers below, alternatively you'll find plenty of nature wallpaper backgrounds over at our nature wallpaper site. You might also want to check out the popular wallpaper download page.

September 19th, 2014

The Vulcan

Today’s wallpaper features the famous Avro Vulcan nuclear bomber, referred to with backhanded affection as the Tin Triangle. These aircraft were built during the 1960′s as part of the RAF’s V-bomber force, designed to carry nuclear weapons to targets in Russia. They would fly in below Russian radar, only a few hundred feet off the […]

Avro Vulcan
September 18th, 2014

Concorde Takes Flight

Our aircraft theme just keeps going. Today’s wallpaper is this fantastic image of an Air France Concorde during takeoff. The main wheels have just left the ground as this amazing plane begins it’s speedy flight across the Atlantic. Conccorde was a technological marvel; a passenger jet that could cruiser at twice the speed of sound, […]

Concorde Takes Flight
September 17th, 2014

Turn and Burn

our Aircraft theme flies ever onwards. We one again have an American F-15E Strike Eagle, but this one appears to be in a spot of bother. He’s banking away rapidly to starboard and popping flares as fast as he can. No doubt some nefarious enemy has opened fire on him…or more likely it’s just a […]

Turn and Burn
September 16th, 2014

Missiles away!

We return to our Aircraft theme with today’s wallpaper, showing us a pair of American F-15E Strike Eagles out of Elemendorf AFB, Alaska,  launching what appear to be Sparrow air-to-air missiles. These fighters are big, powerful and fast, able to break the sound power while climbing straight up and mounting a wide and lethal array […]

Missiles Away
September 15th, 2014

Modern Panzers

We return to our Military theme today with this great image from the German Army. Three Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks advance in open formation across a field, their powerful main guns aimed forward vigilantly. These tanks are among the most advanced in the world, and, along with the American Abrams and the British Challenger […]

Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 A5
September 14th, 2014

M104, The Sombrero Galaxy

Our journey through the universe and it’s wonders carrier on. Today we’re at the startling distance of 28 million light years, admiring the magnificent Sombrero Galaxy, otherwise known as Messier 104. This enormous spiral galaxy lies in the constellation of Virgo and is so named because, well, it looks like a giant Mexican hat. According […]

Sombrero Galaxy
September 13th, 2014

Hubble Ultra Deep Field

As a follow-up to our hubble Telescope wallpaper from earlier, we present this astonishing image taken by the Hubble itself. It may look like an ordinary starfield but it is so much more. Within this image, which shows a tiny patch of sky in the constellation Fornax, lie some of the most distant galaxies ever […]

Hubble Ultra Deep Field
September 12th, 2014

M57 The Ring Nebula

2300 light years away in the constellation of Lyra lurks the beautiful Ring Nebula, otherwise known as Messier 57. This amazing object is a planetary nebula, possibly one of the most misleading terms in astronomy as it isn’t really a nebula nor does it have anything to do with planets. It is the result of […]

M57 The Ring Nebula
September 11th, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope

Our space theme continues! This time we have a great image of the world-famous Hubble Space Telescope, designed and built in the 1970′s and 80′s before finally launching in 1990 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-31. The telescope is housed in a small satellite and contains a 2.4 metre main mirror which provides light […]

Hubble Space Telescope
September 10th, 2014

The Very Large Array

This image shows us the famous Very Large Array in New Mexico. 27 separate radio telescopes laid out in an enormous Y-shape in the desert Plains of San Augustin. Each one of these dishes is 25 meters in diameter and is capable to observing separate targets. However, for important observations, like in this wallpaper, all […]

Very Large Array
September 9th, 2014

Arecibo Telescope

We take a slightly different turn with our Space theme today: this image is very much down to Earth. It’s the famous 1000 foot radio telescope in Arecibo, Peurto Rico. This is the largest single-aperture telescope in the world and has been gathering vitally useful scientific data for decades now. It’s achieved many firsts: it […]

Arecibo Array
September 8th, 2014

M1, the Crab Nebula

We return to our Space theme today with this stunning image of the Crab Nebula, otherwise known as Messier 1. This is a bright supernova remnant in the constellation of Taurus, 6500 light years from Earth. The supernova itself was observed by Chinese astronomers in 1054 AD, and this provides us with a nearly unique […]

M1 Crab Nebula
September 7th, 2014

Fleeing Jupiter

Our Space Odyssey goes on with this amazing image from near the end of Odyssey Two; the Monoliths have acted at last, compressing Jupiter until it explodes into a new star. Dave Bowman, now a part of the Monolith, was able to warn the crew of the Leonov, but that had to sacrifice the Discovery, […]

Fleeing Jupiter
September 6th, 2014

Approaching Discovery

We move on from 2001 to 2010, the sequel to the original groundbreaking film. This sequel, which is based on Arthur C Clarke’s second book in the Space Pdyssey series, brings Heywood Floyd out to Jupiter to discover exactly what happenned nine years before. What happenned aboard Dicovery, what made HAL go crazy, where did […]

Approaching Discovery
September 5th, 2014

Approaching the Monolith

Today we have one more wallpaper from 2001 A Space Odyssey. This time it shows the excavation team, led by Doctor Heywood Floyd, surveying the recently excavated Monolith, although know it as TMA-1 (for Tycho Magnetic Anomaly). It’s a historic moment, Man’s first encounter with a confirmed alien artifact. The Monolith is perhaps the epitome […]

The Tycho Monolith
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